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Adrenaline Induced Healing? Thoughts On My “Brave & Crazy” Journey as a Trauma Informed Life Coach

Trauma and Adrenaline a “Brave & Crazy” Journey of Healing

As a life coach focused on happiness who has overcome a challenging past filled with trauma, I understand the power of facing fears and the allure of adrenaline. My experiences, which let’s just set could have filled at least a season of Dr. Phil, led me to seek out intens situations.

From riding freight trains to literally anywhere as a runaway to dating a race car driver and riding along, ooops whiplash. Jumping off bridges as a teen, sleeping outside alone, traveling a bit alone etc… I’ve always craved the surge of adrenaline.

I was looking at my list of events coming up this summer after my zip line plans brought out the life coach in me and it led me to wonder if I was a trauma-induced adrenaline junkie. Perhaps the intensity I sought/seek in some of these activities mirrors the chaotic nature of my past or at least the positive aspects of the edgey feelings it brought about. Perhaps that’s why I want to experience these thrills? They certainly make me feel alive!

Through my own healing journey, I've come to understand that facing fears isn't always about seeking extreme thrills. It's about confronting past challenges and finding healthy ways to move forward.

If you see a similar pattern in yourself, know that you're not alone. Others might be facing similar challenges and finding healing or fullfilling needs with habits and adventures others think are brave or crazy.

Side note: This is part of a personal Facebook post that I shared about some upcoming plans. It is what inspired me to share the above:

I’m not zip lining in Costa Rica but I’m zip lining with friends the following month at Mica Moon Zip Tours and that’s just as rad!

I’m glad I booked my adventure before watching a handful of videos. I’m nervous and excited to challenge myself, overcome fear and self imposed limitations and make memories with awesome friends 🩷

I look at things differently as a life coach, even adventures. I think some of you might be surprised to learn that a trip to the aerial park can be a powerful self “coaching” experience.

Here's why:

* Facing fears: Stepping off a platform into a zip line run requires conquering your fear of heights. It's a metaphor for taking chances in life.

* Building trust: Soaring through the air requires trusting your equipment and the safety measures in place. Just like trusting yourself and the guidance you receive in life coaching.

* Embracing challenge: Aerial park obstacles encourage you to problem-solve and move outside your comfort zone. Similar to the challenges you might encounter in achieving your goals.

* Celebrating accomplishment: Completing a zip line course or an aerial park challenge is a confidence booster. Just like achieving goals set in life coaching.

Can’t wait to experience this adventure !!! 😁

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