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Reflections on self talk... How changing “I can’t”to “I can” helped me ceate a life that ROCKS!

Reflecting on where I am today, it's incredible to think about the journey I've taken. I’d like to share a part of my story in the hopes of helping you change your “I can’ts” to I cans.

I am currently blessed with an incredible job as a  government account manager , a higher income than I ever thought I would earn, great benefits, and a wonderful supportive team. How did I get here? By simply telling myself that I could , putting faith over fear and f’ing going for it!

Here’s the thing though. My path was not always smooth. My childhood was very chaotic. My parents were addicts. There was a lot of trauma and NOT  a lot of money. I am a high school dropout. I have multiple health issues and for ten years, I was on  disability. The idea of re-entering the workforce in 2012 terrified me, but deep down, I knew I had to. So, I took a leap of faith and went back to work full-time, despite my fears.

Had I read the  job description before my friend convinced me to apply I  would have considered myself unqualified .  But I  put myself out there. I made it through two interviews and was chosen for the role. I spent the next seven (ish) years at that company, some small promotions, developed my skills and refined my abilities and created friendships I expect to last a lifetime.

I once had a member of leadership tell me that the difference between me and the person who keeps moving up was that she kept applying.

Eventually, I took a leap of faith and landed with  the company I am with today. Since joining, I have been promoted multiple times,  my income has grown substantially. I have honed my skillset and adapted to new technologies and in 2020 even  adopted to working  from home, which has been a tremendous blessing in helping me balance health and career.

This career is more than anything I ever could have imagined for myself a decade ago. But here's the thing: I stopped telling myself that I couldn't and instead embraced the power of believing that I could.  I started listening to my self talk and then changing it. I started questioning everything  “if they can do it why can’t I? ”I took leaps of faith. I challenged the limitations that I once believed defined me, and proved to myself that with determination, action, and self-belief, anything is possible. This is something that I will always be working on and I encourage you to fo the same!

Tap into YOUR inner strength and start believing in you. It's okay to have doubts, fears, and insecurities, but don't let them hold you back.

Repeat positive affirmations daily, visualize your success, look at those who have what you want or are where you want to be, what are they doing? Do that! Believe in YOU, take big steps  towards your goals and all the baby steps you need as well.

I went from being a suicide attempt survivor to running LifeRocks, a not for profit suicide prevention awareness organization. From being disabled and focused on how ill I was to focusing on wellness. From being told, I would lose the ability to walk by the time I was 35 to deciding to participate in Bloomsday  and hiking as much as I can. I  paddleboard and walk and keep going!  I use mindset and activity  to fight illness.  I focus on wellness now. I went from being on disability and severely depressed to happy, working full-time from home, traveling when I can, and owning my own business. From being severely depressed and suicidal to studying happiness, eventually becoming

a life coach, who owns and is developing a coaching and wellness business. My company, is even flying me to Costa Rica this year. Because  I earned it.

How did all this happen? How did I go from being the broken little girl that I was to the strong and successful woman that I am today? From a life of chaos to a life that rocks ? Because I told myself I could. And heres the thing.... YOU CAN TOO!

I’ll leave you with this: You'll hear your own voice more than you’ll ever hear anyone else’s. Make sure it’s saying kind things and encouraging you! You'll be amazed at the progress YOU can make when you tell yourself you can and  give yourself the permission to go for it.

Repeat after me. “I can, I am, I will”

I can't wait to hear what you are empowering yourself to do!

~Sassy Cassoe

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